Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Big Squeal Book Signing

The Friends of the Charleston Carnegie Public Library have invited "The Big Squeal" by Liberty the Pig to participate in the first Library Art Fair.
The event will be from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 9 at the library to coincide with the Christmas shopping season.

Representing Liberty will be "As Told To Author" Carol Alexander. Also participating will be Kevin Corley, author of "Sixteen Tons." Kevin, now of Springfield, IL is a former grade school principal in Taylorville.

Everyone is invited to meet Carol and Kevin in Charleston, IL. Both books recount TRUE events in heartland history. For Christmas stockings and nostalgia lovers, gift-boxed beverage mugs and post cards imprinted with a map of Abe Lincoln's Taylorville will be available for purchase.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Miss Liberty on Parade

Here are a few more pictures from the Assumption Fest from July 2014. So many people took a liking to Miss Liberty's book "The Big Squeal". It made her squeal with delight!

Our gal did not march in the Assumption Fest parade, but her post cards, book and mugs rode in a truck bed with "as told to author" Carol Alexander and Kevin Corley, "Sixteen Tons" author.  

Above are the first purchasers "The Big Squeal," were Sam and Lois Lechner. They are pictured with their dog, "Precious Heart."  

Pictured above is Laurie Mense, center, candidate for Christian County Clerk, and a throng of friends marched in the Assumption parade and rallied for Miss Liberty afterward. Pictured at far right is current clerk Linda Curtin.

Above, Pig farmers Bob and Joyce Adcock attended Miss Liberty's book signing and program at the Historical Society Building in Assumption.

"As told to author" Carol Alexander (center) inscribed a book for the triplet grandchildren of Bob and Carolyn Corzine of Assumption.

Bob LaCharitie of Champaign came home to Assumption for the festival.

As-told-to-author Carol Alexander shares Miss Liberty's story with Noah Nelson of Taylorville. Noah's aunt, Angela Ohl-Marsters, was president of Assumption Fest.

Thank you for checking in on Miss Liberty's blog!
More exciting highlight from Summer 2014 coming soon!

Miss Liberty entertains a Senator

Miss Liberty apologizes for being behind on her blogging. She has had a very busy summer and would like to share some memories of the highlights of the last few months:

Miss Liberty, best-selling author of 'The Big Squeal' on, entertained an Illinois State Senator on the Fourth of July!

Illinois State Senator Andy Manar of Bunker Hill strolled over to Liberty's yard after marching in Taylorville's patriotic parade.

Sen. Manar, his three children and a niece, were welcomed by Krista Alexander Bowers, the 1983 Christian County Fair Queen, who was visiting from California.

Formerly a starving orphan piglet, Miss Liberty found a home with Krista's parents, Hal and Carol Alexander.

Miss Liberty served her signature dish -- Pigs in the Blanket (beef of course).

Carol Alexander, Liberty's "as told to author," is pictured on the terrace with Sen. Andy Manar, his children and a niece.

Krista Alexander Bowers, a former Miss Christian County Fair, welcomed the Senator to Miss Liberty's "pignic."

At the 2014 Assumption Fest, Illinois State Sen. Andy Manar, right, said he keeps a copy of "The Big Squeal' on his office desk. The inspiring story of a homeless pig and Abraham Lincoln celebrates America's heartland. At left are Andy's friends Nolan Drea and his father Mike.

A little pig-headed, Miss Liberty declined to perform her favorite trick until after the Senator and his guests departed! Even apples placed atop the igloo as an incentive, did not persuade Miss Liberty.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Big Squeal featured at Assumptionfest

Abe ‘booked’ for Assumption Festival

Abraham Lincoln’s sense of fun will add to the merriment at the Assumption Festival, scheduled for June 26, 27 and 28,

In the 1840s, noisy pigs wallowing under the Christian County courthouse floor were so loud that an amused Lincoln asked the judge for a “writ of quietus” for them.

That witty request has caused ripples of smiles ever since. The episode anchors the newly released second edition of “The Big Squeal,” a true story of the county’s “pigstory” written in the voice of a real life pig named “Liberty.

“As told to author” Carol Alexander of Taylorville will join “Sixteen Tons” writer Kevin Corley of Springfield at a special literary affair set for 2 p.m. Saturday, June 27 during Assumption’s annual festival. They will welcome visitors in front of the Assumption Historical Building.

Mingling with book lovers, the authors will display, inscribe and sell their books rooted in area history.

In honor of the county’s 175th birthday this year, each copy of “The Big Squeal” is adorned by a gold medallion inscribed, “Collector’s Edition … 1839-2014.” The edition comes in soft and hard covers. 

Set in the often over-looked heartland of America, “The Big Squeal” is the memoir of a formerly starving, orphan piglet that discovered the Abe vs. courthouse pigs story while trotting along part of the old Eighth Judicial Circuit, known as Lincoln’s muddy road to the presidency.

Mini-stories introduce readers of all ages to Mr. Lincoln and his vital role in American history and to the circuit itself. Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin of “Lincoln” the movie fame praised the book as “A rare glimpse into Abraham Lincoln’s lighter side…”

Colorful original illustrations portray real people of all ages and diversity, pioneering and current courthouses and other landmarks. Among the featured caricatures is Christian County Board Chairman Paul Schmitz of Pana.

A folk art map created by Taylorville High School students Camille Beyers and Mathen Campbell opens the book. It also adorns coffee/chocolate/juice mugs and postcards, which commemorate the county’s 175th anniversary.

Both “The Big Squeal” and “Sixteen Tons” are available on A saga of coal mining history and union wars, “Sixteen Tons” may be purchased at Dana’s Book Exchange on the Taylorville Square. “The Big Squeal” is sold at Cottage Rose Gift Shoppe and PS Printing on the square. 

The book is also available at OTP's website at


Thursday, May 1, 2014

"The Big Squeal" second edition is ready!

Hello! Miss Liberty has been quite busy getting the second edition of "The Big Squeal" ready for it's big debut! I have some art to share with you. I hope you love the pictures as much as we do. They are so colorful and adorable, if I do say so myself!

This is a new page from the second edition I like to call The Coronation Page. There are several familiar faces from my home town of Taylorville, IL on this page. Do you recognize anyone? Besides me, that is!

Below is a map of Taylorville, Miss Liberty style! Please forgive the paw prints! A big thank you goes out to the Taylorville High School Art students for making this wonderful map for us.

A mug that is available with Miss Liberty's vision of Taylorville. Can you see the only statue in the world of Abe Lincoln and a pig? Right down there in the center at the bottom of the mug.

One of my personal favorites from the book...dancing with the kitty.

Below is also a new page for the second edition. Our local Rene's Drug Store when "guess who" came to town? In the center, holding the flag, can you guess who it is? I also see other familiar faces. Thank you all for being a part of "The Big Squeal!"

And here I am with my namesake, Liberty, the bronze pig at Abe Lincoln's foot on that very special statue I mentioned up above. And yes, you read correctly, the Only Statue In the World of Abe Lincoln and a Pig!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of "The Big Squeal's" second edition. Please come out and see us at our book launch party, details are below.

CAROL ALEXANDER and MISS LIBERTY will be debuting the second edition of “The Big Squeal” on May 3 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm at Dana's Book Exchange on the Square in Taylorville, IL. This second edition contains new pages...see Liberty's May and also the map of Lincoln's famous Mud Circuit. There will be free refreshments and is open to the public. 

"A rare glimpse into Abraham Lincoln's lighter side..." 

~ acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Liberty debuts map from "The Big Squeal's" second edition

Hello everyone! Miss Liberty would like to share a special map of Taylorville, IL with you.
This map will be in the new, Second Edition, of "The Big Squeal" to be released soon. The article below tells more about the map and the very special people who drew it for Miss Liberty and Carol Alexander. As you can see, Miss Liberty made a few muddy pig prints. I hope you don't mind.

Taylorville High School art students created this merry view of Abraham Lincoln's Taylorville. It will open the upcoming Second Edition of "The Big Squeal" written by Liberty the Pig. Also in the new edition will be the first-ever kid-friendly look at the old Eighth Judicial Circuit traveled by lawyer Lincoln on horseback or by carriage for 20 years.
Remaining unchanged is the book's true story told in the voice of a live orphan pig that adopted Taylorville as her home and encountered the world's only statue of Lincoln and a pig on the town square.
The map was drawn by Taylorville High School students Camille Beyers and Mathen Campbell under the direction of art teacher Elizabeth McCowin.
Released earlier this year, the First Edition won many fans, especially children, teachers, historians and pig farmers. The changes, which also include pictures of children of diversity, a child in a wheelchair and a prom going disabled student, were all suggested by readers.
Inclusion of the "circuit" pages was a risky choice, says "as-told-to-author" Carol Alexander. "In other parts of the country, especially, potential readers actually yawn at the word," Alexander says. "But our inner voice says to do it.... after all the circuit prepared Lincoln for the presidency."
To be printed in both soft and hard covers, the Second Edition soon will be on and at Cottage Rose Gift Shoppe in Taylorville. The First Edition is in both places. Publisher is Oak Tree Press, Hanford, Calif.
Personalized book signings will be on Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7 from 2 to 3 p.m. at Cottage Rose during the "Remember Pearl Harbor" Holiday Home Tour.
The books were written to shine a spotlight on the often over-looked heartland of America, Alexander says. Coffee mugs picturing the map will debut on the tour at Cottage Rose for Christmas shoppers.

Friday, October 4, 2013


CAROL ALEXANDER and MISS LIBERTY, authors of “The Big Squeal” are calling all cooks!

If you have a favorite "Pigs-in-the-blanket" recipe, please submit it to MISS LIBERTY’s facebook page. (click the link below)

MISS LIBERTY and friends will hold a taste test. Reviews will be reported and a prize will be awarded!

"The Big Squeal," is soon to be published in a Second Edition with a special bonus package on Abraham Lincoln's Eighth Judicial Circuit. This is believed to be the first ever kid-friendly look at the circuit, which launched Lincoln's presidency!

"Like" Miss Liberty's Facebook page at this link: