Saturday, October 18, 2014

Miss Liberty on Parade

Here are a few more pictures from the Assumption Fest from July 2014. So many people took a liking to Miss Liberty's book "The Big Squeal". It made her squeal with delight!

Our gal did not march in the Assumption Fest parade, but her post cards, book and mugs rode in a truck bed with "as told to author" Carol Alexander and Kevin Corley, "Sixteen Tons" author.  

Above are the first purchasers "The Big Squeal," were Sam and Lois Lechner. They are pictured with their dog, "Precious Heart."  

Pictured above is Laurie Mense, center, candidate for Christian County Clerk, and a throng of friends marched in the Assumption parade and rallied for Miss Liberty afterward. Pictured at far right is current clerk Linda Curtin.

Above, Pig farmers Bob and Joyce Adcock attended Miss Liberty's book signing and program at the Historical Society Building in Assumption.

"As told to author" Carol Alexander (center) inscribed a book for the triplet grandchildren of Bob and Carolyn Corzine of Assumption.

Bob LaCharitie of Champaign came home to Assumption for the festival.

As-told-to-author Carol Alexander shares Miss Liberty's story with Noah Nelson of Taylorville. Noah's aunt, Angela Ohl-Marsters, was president of Assumption Fest.

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More exciting highlight from Summer 2014 coming soon!

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